Sunday, March 02, 2014

The Shift..

So. I can't remember if I have created a post titled this before or not.. but oh well :P

2014 marks a what is looking to be a very very amazing year for me. I am beyond excited, and grateful for so many of the possibilities that wait for me this season!

First off, I've been gone from the ranch for myself. I'm just going to refer to this time off as "Me Time" lol I stayed at my parents house while they went to Mexico for 3 weeks. Even though there was many MANY times where I felt the sticky grasp of boredom slowly enveloping me, I had many adventures, and many moments of thought, self reflection and meditation.

I believe my shift has come about initially by reading the book: Wishes Fulfilled: The Art of Manifesting By Dr. Wayne Dyer. This book was given to me by friend solely because she felt I should read it before her, and I'm glad she followed her heart when it told her to give me this book to read first.
Also shortly after finishing this book, which was amazing in every way and has changed the way I look at life, I acquired another one of Wayne Dyer's books: Excuses Begone! I am currently near the end of this book, but not yet finished. Both of these books have helped me realize how much I was standing in my own way of achieving my dreams, and living life! I definitely recommend reading either of these books, life changers for sure.
I am so very excited to go back to the Ranch now and start working horses and conditioning my Tori horse for Endurance! I am exciting for working hard to be able to buy my Rick horse and start training him as well, and I am equally excited to start bringing in a few of my own client horses to train!! Like I said, there are so many awesome possibilities that await me this Spring/Summer!

I hope to be posting more of my adventures and exciting moments, as well as many photos :)

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